~Your Offerings Here~

~*~ Your offerings will go here in the "post" area. You may list 4 Items Per Update, with three or four photo's of each item... Your banner will already be added to your EWM blog page ~*~ 

****When you sign into your Google/Blogger account, you will see your EWM blog and a
column of categories to the left ...Click onto the "LAYOUT" button and your page will open up...You will need to "EDIT" these three categories: "About Me, Payment Information and Contact Information". Fill in each individually and then save your information before moving to the next. After filling in and saving your information for each category, you can click out of your "Layout" as you are completely finished with this section.

****To Post an Item - Click onto "POST" and a large box will appear. Scan over the top of the box and
you will find "Add Photo". This will take you to your files and you can upload your cropped and sized
photos to your box...After your photos are loaded for your item, you can go in and fill in your description below each photo...I recommend doing one subject per box. It is not wise to try to load all of your listings into one box. It creates a problem for your page size and is harder to access an item when it sells.****
You may list 4 items on your blog each month...ONLY  during your listing schedule!

~*~ YOU may put Pay Pal buttons for folks to purchase directly from this site..or you may have them email you......however you would like to do it.~*~

*** PLEASE contact me if you have any problems or questions about your EWM blog page ***

~Thank you very much for your time and effort to make Early Work Mercantile a wonderful place on the web! ~